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Mpessa Kids Membership 2024


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Discover the Mpessa Kids Membership in the Afro-European hairdressing salon "Deine Haare und DU"!

Offer your children exceptional quality hair care with 2 appointments per month, including washing, blow-drying, braiding with or without extensions, and a deep treatment. Choose from a 3, 6 or 12-month commitment for consistently beautiful hair. The Mpessa Kids Membership is the key to healthy, beautiful children's hair in the Afro-European hair salon "Deine Haare und DU".

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Discover Mpessa Kids Membership - Exceptional children's hair care!

At "Deine Haare und DU" - your Afro-European hair salon - we're delighted to introduce our brand new Mpessa Kids Membership, the perfect way to look after your children's hair. Treat them to the luxury of hair care while pampering them with expert braiding and top-quality treatments.

What is Mpessa Kids Membership?

The Mpessa Kids Membership is specially designed for children up to the age of 12. It includes :

1. Two appointments a month: Your children will benefit from two appointments a month to keep their hair looking beautiful.

2. Professional washing and drying: Our experts will wash and dry your children's hair gently and professionally.

3. Braids with or without extensions: Choose from a variety of braid styles, with or without extensions, so your kids always look the way they want.

4. Deep hair care: We'll pamper their hair with a deep hair care treatment to keep it healthy and strong.

Choose the duration that suits you best:

We offer Mpessa Kids Membership for different durations to meet your needs:

- 3 months: Ideal for discovering the benefits of this subscription.
- 6 months: Perfect for a medium-term commitment to your children's hair care.
- 1 year: For a whole year of exceptional quality hair care for your little ones.

The Mpessa Kids Membership is the perfect opportunity to look after your children's hair and let them shine for every occasion. Join us today and give your children the experience of exceptional hair care in the Afro-European hair salon "Deine Haare und DU".


3 months, 6 months, 1 year


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