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Dream Membership 2024


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Discover Dream Membership: Your Passport to Fabulous Hair at "Deine Haare und DU" Afro-European Hair Salon

Transform your hair with our dream subscription including 2 monthly appointments, wash, blow-dry, non-extension styling and deep conditioning.

Choose from 3, 6 or 12 months of commitment for exceptional hair beauty.

The Dream Membership, the key to beautiful hair, is at "Deine Haare und DU".

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Discover Dream Membership: Your Passport to Fabulous Hair at "Deine Haare und DU" Afro-European Hair Salon

Are you ready for the ultimate hair care experience?

At "Deine Haare und DU", we're proud to present our Dream Membership, the subscription that will transform your hair into a true masterpiece.

Have you always dreamed of having healthy, elegant hair that's always impeccable? Our Dream Membership is the key to the hair beauty you deserve.

Dream Membership is much more than just a subscription. It's an invitation to discover the luxury of hair care and to enhance your natural beauty.

With Dream Membership, you benefit from :

1. Twice a month: Our team of experts will look after you twice a month, making sure your hair is always in tip-top condition.

2. Deep cleansing: Give your hair the deep cleansing it deserves. Our premium shampoo will leave your hair clean and revitalized.

3. Professional blow-drying:Enjoy professional blow-drying for a groomed, impeccable look.

4. A hairstyle without extensions: Enhance your natural beauty with an expert hairstyle that doesn't require the addition of extensions.

5. In-depth hair care: We'll pamper your hair with in-depth hair care, leaving it soft, strong and healthy.

Choose the duration that suits you best:

We understand that every customer is unique, which is why we offer Dream Membership for different durations:

- 3 months: For those who want to try the Dream Membership experience.
- 6 months: For those looking for a medium-term commitment to their hair beauty.
- 1 year: For those who want to fully commit to their hair journey and enjoy a full year of exceptional quality care.

Dream Membership is the perfect opportunity to look after yourself and your hair all year round, with visible results from the very first appointment. Don't wait any longer to experience it for yourself and find out why our customers are so enthusiastic about Dream Membership.

Join us today and turn your hair into a work of art!

Make an appointment for a personalised hair diagnosis and let our team of experts guide you towards healthier, more beautiful hair than ever before.


3 months, 6 months, 1 year


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